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    Preparation of Project Proposal, Application Report and Feasibility

    Preparation of Project Proposal, Application Report and Feasibility

    1.    Business fields

    Prepare project proposal, application report and feasibility study report for domestic and overseas metallurgical (iron & steel making and non-ferrous) industry covering geological survey, mining, beneficiation, coking, refractory material, lime, ferroalloy, carbon, sintering, pellet, iron making, steel making, steel rolling, steel product further processing, non-ferrous metal smelting and processing and construction of varied industrial park.

    2.    Advantage

    We can provide all-round and integrated solution including project originality, report preparation, communication and coordination, planning for application and information tracing.

    3.    Typical reference

    (1) Application report for general planning project for structural readjustment of Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Co. Ltd

    (2) Application report for backward elimination and environmental friendly relocation project of Fushun New Steel Co. Ltd

    (3) Application report for sustainable development project of joint venture of Jiuquan Iron & Steel Co. Ltd and International Minerals and Resources Co. Ltd

    (4) Application report for additional blast furnace construction of Beiman Base of Dongbei Special Steel Group Co. Ltd

    (5) Application report for iron & steel making project of Laos Iron & Steel Co. Ltd

    (6) Feasibility study report for Huoqiu direct reduction iron project of SINO Steel Corporation

    (7) Feasibility study report for ferroalloy development project of Kunming Iron & Steel Holding Co. Ltd

    (8) Feasibility study report for 3×50MW power plant project in Cianjur, Indonesia of Dongfang Mining Co. Ltd

    (9) Proposal report for ferronickel smelting project of Platinum Group Metals Corporation


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