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    Brief Introduction
    Leading Team
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    Brief Introduction

      Approved by the State Council, China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (shortened to MPI hereinafter) was established in April 1972 as a national consulting institution. MPI specially engaged in development plan and strategies research of metallurgical industry. It was one of the first engineering consulting institutes with First-grade qualifications and was awarded as “Civilized Unit of Central State Organs” in 8 successive years.

      MPI has a staff with abundant planning experiences, strong comprehensive quality and engineering consulting abilities, and the staff has a good understanding of both the state policies and technical theory. The employees who have obtained doctor’s and master’s degrees account for 80% of the staff, those who have been awarded high-level technical titles account for 70% of the staff, and those who are state registered consulting engineers, senior technicians or who enjoy special government subsidy account for 50% of the staff. Furthermore, MPI, with its expertise covering all the fields and the whole process of steel industry, possesses a unique advantage to provide an all round comprehensive consulting service from mining and ore dressing to smelting and processing.

      Over the past 40 years, MPI has completed thousands of government special projects, industry and enterprise plans and technical consulting projects, including the key research projects of ministries and state institutions such as State Council Research Office, National Development and Reform Commission, former Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Former State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection. MPI participated in the whole process of compiling and creating of “the Fifth Five-Year Development Plan” to the “the thirteenth Five-Year Development Plan”, Adjustment and Revitalization Plan of Iron & Steel Industry, Policies on Steel Industry Development, Policies on Technical Equipment for Steel Industry, Guidance Catalogue for Industry Structure Adjustment, etc., as well as the relevant policies and standards on energy-saving and emission reduction in iron & steel industry, providing detailed and reliable data for the release and interpretation of state policies on steel industry development. MPI also compiled and created steel industry unification and reorganization plans, plans for accumulation area of steel industry and the upper and lower stream industries, and industrial park plans for local governments at various level, and won recognition and high praise from them due to its outstanding contribution to the major steel producing provinces such as Shandong and Hebei, etc. in the compiling and creating of their steel industry adjustment plans by providing high level and excellent service.

      MPI completed development plans for hundreds of steel enterprises, and many of them were Five-Year Development Plans for large and medium-sized steel enterprises. Specially, MPI compiled and created steel structural adjustment plans, unification and reorganization plans, industry layout plans transfer plans, technical innovation and upgrading plans, recycling economy plans, logistics plans, energy saving and emission reduction plans, environmental protection plans, cleaner production plans, and plans for the construction of Energy-efficient and Environment-friendly Enterprises, plans for the exploitation of domestic iron ore resources, plans for resources exploitation and steel industry development in a “Going Out” manner as well as planning and consulting projects of steel markets and steel logistics parks. MPI provided steel enterprises at various levels with high-end engineering and management consulting services to improve their core competitiveness, and completed planning and consulting reports on resources exploitation and steel development covering more than 20 countries, for which high praise was given by both government and enterprises.

      After more than 40 years of endeavors of several generations, MPI has developed into the consulting headquarter of government institutions, the guide in steel industry development, the brain trust of enterprise planning, and the authorized institution in steel development planning and consulting. MPI has been awarded by Chinese relevant ministries and committees for many times, it won many honorable titles including “National Science & Technology Progress Award (First class)” and “National First Prize for Excellent Engineering Consulting Achievements”.

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